Industrial AI + all you can eat DATA


AI needs DATA to work. For this reason the data today are called the new oil. But like oil, even data needs to be refined to become AI gasoline. Refining data, when data are images, means generating what are called tagged images. And today this (huge) job is still carried out manually! .....We're the only ones who make a robot do it! 

But if a robot can generate the data to train another robot, what will AI be able to do in the industrial field (without human intervention)? Watch our videos...

We can design AI-based Object Detector for Pick&Place Robotics Systems. They are  99.9% accurate. No manual work is needed to train/retrain them.

With our technology there are no restrictions about object categories that you can detect. In this example, complex food wast selection is carried out.

Our achievements:

StartCup - ER

Bologna, ART-ER

May - September, 2019.

4th place



Bologna, Unibo

October, 2019.

Winners 24.000 €



Reggio Emilia, Tecnopolo

February, 2020.

Network & Mentoring


Bologna, Fondazione Golinelli

May - July, 2019.

Winners 10.000 €



San Francisco

September - November, 2019.




Catania, PNICube

November, 2019.

2nd place, ICT Category


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